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Homebrew Studio - Update Sept 2014

Finished tracking and mixing the Voice Of Doom record. VOD is the reformed late 80's punk/metal hybrid that originally featured Dag Nasty and Samhain drummer, London May. John Steele wanted to keep it raw and chaotic and we mixed the whole record in a day. It came out good and I think they'll also be putting together a video for the track Halloween III. Watch for it on You Tube :)

Also, did a little more mixing on the Galanos record which is really coming out nice. I think we're going to finish that up in October...

Rik Mercaldi and Mike Roze were in again too. We tracked vocal and guitar for what will be the first Subterraneans release in a long time. These tracks are coming out excellent and the record is seriously gonna kick ass. Hoping to have the tracks done before Thanksgiving so I can get to mixing them. Rik has been real busy doing shows with Spuyten Duyvil so we're tracking when we can :)

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