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April 2014 - Film mastering - Gilbert Gottfried, Eric Roberts, Sean McNabb, Joyce DeWitt

This month I had the opportunity to master the music for an upcoming motion picture - "Rock Story". The movie features Eric Roberts, Joyce DeWitt, Gilbert Gottfried, Dominique Swain and others. Very interesting. Some of the music was written by Dan Smith and a lot it was sang by Mandy Bruno (Guiding Light) who is also featured in the film. Bassist, Sean McNabb (Dokken/Quiet Riot/Great White) played and appeared as well.

Did a great 5 piece jazz tracking session, too. We had two sax players, bass, Mike Roze on drums and Tom Wooley on electric piano. It was largely improvised and I tracked everything dubs, no punches, no sweat, haha :) The room sounds great and it really translated well to the recording. We expect to get two records out of it. Mike is going to edit down the performances and mix some of the songs in an old school jazz style. I'll be mixing the other songs in a different, more straight ahead style, as well as mastering the whole project.

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