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Have your songs professionally mixed at Homebrew Studio in NJ



Ian Axel -


Greg Hetson -

Howie Pyro -

Phil Caivano* -
Roy Mayorga -

Tony Cadena -

Dave Rick -

Chuck Loeb*** -

Ricky Bell** - 

Mike Roze -


Electric Frankenstein -

Rikk Agnew -


Ray Angry -

Chris Wollard -

Jenna Marotta -

Buddy Bowser -

Angel Arcaro -

Joe Wilkinson -
Gabby Gaborno -

Danny Mixon** -    
Josh Silverman -
Dan Smith -     
Nigel Lewis -

Flush -

Hang On The Box -

Tina Winters -
Ronnie Mutone -
Angels N Ministers -
The Dark Brothers -
The 65's -
Galanos -
Fright Barker & Sons -
Mike Dennis -
The Crown Officials -
Stone Document -
Missiles & Markers -
Brookline Falls -
Slap Of Reality -
The Sophomore Effort -
Tombstone Brawlers -
Johnny Thursday & 

the Friday Knights -
Ironhead -
The Wrecking Dead -
The Devil Spades -
Troublebound - 
Long Gone Day -
Kung Fu Killers -
High School Sweethearts -

The Subterraneans -
When I Was Dead -   
Lowdown -
Sweet Irony -
American Barfight -
Reunited For Christ -



A Great Big World,

Brookline Falls

Bad Religion, Circle Jerks

D-Generation, Danzig

Monster Magnet

SoulflyStone Sour

The Adolescents

Yo La Tengo

NY jazz guitar legend

Bell Biv Devoe, New Edition

Gold record winning engineer (Lamb of God, King Crimson)

Electric Frankenstein

The Adolescents, DI, 45 Grave, Social Distortion

The Roots, Christina Aguilera...

Hot Water Music singer guitarist

NY singer/songwriter

NY Dolls sax man

Antigone Rising

Cadillac Tramps, Manic Hispanic

NY jazz trio

Shirk Circus

Shirk Circus

The Meteors

Beijing, China rock band

Beijing, China female punk band

Voodoo Church
The Brats, Crown Officials
NY/NJ metal/glam band
NJ country punk band
NJ rock/punk band
NY/NJ surf punk band
NY punkabilly with horns 
NJ/Texas guitarist & singer
NY/NJ 60's inspired rock
NJ/VT progressive band    
NJ melodic punk band

Bos/NY/Texas pop rock
Tampa, Fla. punk veterans
Tampa, Fla. melodic punk

NJ psychobilly band

NY punk band
Virginia rock/punk band     
Danish psychobilly band
NY psychobilly band

NY punk band  
NJ hard rock band
NJ old school hardcore
NJ garage rock band

NY/NJ rock band
NJ punk band       
NJ hard rock/metal band
Boston hard rock band
NJ punk band  
NJ 13 piece gospel choir


Many more.....



Record Labels



Vintari Music

Music Cartel

Triple XXX
Get Hip

A-Jam Records



"Rock Story" motion picture - mastering

Brother P-Touch National TV Ad**

The History Channel -

"This Day In History" Don McLean**

Fair Lawn Board of Education                                                 

Jersey City Board of Education 


*Assistance & pre-production on the making of Electric Frankenstein's "Don't Touch Me I'm Electric".  Produced by Phil Caivano, engineered by Ben Elliott, recorded at Showplace Studios in Dover, NJ.  Several older tracks I engineered also appear on this.

**Assisted Rob Harari at Harariville,                             Weehawken, NJ

***Assisted Dennis Wall at Harariville,                         Weehawken, NJ


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