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October 2006

Finished mixing Protoavis' full length. It's being mastered and they'll be releasing it themselves in December or January. We got a lot accomplished in a relatively short time & it came out well so check it out! Lowdown have been in rehearsing and doing vocal tracks & mixing. We completed one track and have two more in the can for another day.

Long Gone Day were in again. We cut three songs live and only overdubbed vocals. A lot of energy happening there, definitely more of a punk edge than they've ever had and by far the band's favorite recordings to date. Also had a great, energetic bunch of young guys in called Jester, from South Jersey. We tracked and mixed an EP length demo over a long weekend that they're thrilled with. Two other things, congratulations again to my friend Joe Nguyen on his marriage this month. It was a great punk rock wedding at a very upscale place in Short Hills that we took control of! Thats always a good time! Second, my Yankees choked their way out of the playoffs BUT...we'll be back next year. Due in next month are Sweet Irony, a hard rock band from Boston

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