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May 2005

I started pre-production and basic tracking with Brookline Falls late this month and will pretty much keep the studio blocked out for them through late June. This is a full length project that I'm producing in an effort to help secure a good record deal. I believe very strongly in these guys and their music...with any luck a lot more people will be grooving on them soon. Earlier this month The Wrecking Dead, a heavy psychobilly band originally from Denmark, were in for several days. We did three songs for what should be their new label and will hopefully be doing the whole record later on. Johnny Thursday and The Friday Knights were also in again, for a one song session due out on a tribute record. I also mixed three songs for a local Jersey band, All Is Fair, and finished mixing Trouble Bound for Hangmen Records. And I've made time to work with Long Gone Day on a three song demo for Arista and Roadrunner Records...good luck to them.

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