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December 2004

Most of Electric Frankenstein is mixed. Just a couple last songs we need vocals on and that project is finished.

Ironhead were up from Virginia to do 5 new songs. We're supposed to be doing a 4 song split w/Ironhead and Electric Frankenstein to be distributed free with an upcoming issue of AMP magazine. Downfall were in to

track a couple of new songs and mix...HEAVY, HEAVY stuff!

7 Ways Out were also in to demo a few songs.

I've also mixed about half of Johnny Thursday's record. We'll be doing a few dubs and finishing mixing in January. January will also see the completion of Electric Frankenstein. This is the 13th and perhaps final album of their 13 year career and it rocks. It will be out on TKO Records in April. I'll also start mixing the Trouble Bound album as well as some overdubs and mixing for The Devil Spades.

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