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November 2004

Regis and Sean from Hangmen Records have kept me jumping this month. We finished the tracking for Trouble Bound and Johnny Thursday. Thursday will be mixed first, probably by mid-December. I also did tracking of 7 songs for another Hangmen artist, The Devil Spades. Great stuff also. We'll be mixing that probably after the holidays for release next year. I also finished mixing Matty Z.'s demo and did another nice acoustic track with Mike Ferraro. December is shaping up to be just as busy. I've got a young emo/punk type band - 7 Ways Out - coming in for a 3 or 4 song demo. Then Ironhead is finally coming back up from Virginia to track the last 3 songs of their new album. Downfall is coming back later in the month also to track a couple more songs and maybe recut some vocals on our last session. And of course there's lots of mixing to be done...Johnny Thursday and Electric Frankenstein need to be done this month. I'm also negotiating now with a band that Sal from EF will be producing. We're trying to work out an all in deal that would bring this Philly band in early next year. I may do some of it in the Neve room in Hoboken...we'll see.

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