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October 2004

I've done some of the rough mixing of Electric Frankenstein's new full length for TKO Records. But with the bands hectic touring schedule they haven't been able to do vocals yet. Hangmen Records brought in Troublebound and Johnny Thursday and the Friday Knights. We did the basic sessions for both bands albums and will continue dubbing and mixing well into November.

Props to Long Gone Day who've been busy as well. They played a few cool gigs recently with LA Guns, Steven Adler, Josh Todd, George Lynch and Metal Church. Now they're preparing to hopefully hit the road with original member(s) of Godsmack for a Northeast US tour. We'll be doing a 3 song demo in early November to help them with that.

Also coming up in November will be another Hangmen Records band - The Devil Spades. I believe we'll be tracking 5 complete songs and redoing vocals on a bunch of others. I'll also finish the dubs for Troublebound and Johnny Thursday and start mixing.

Matty Z. final mixes are being done the 2nd week in November.

Also I FINALLY got the new board wired in...temporarily anyway. This weekend, with Mike Roze's invaluable assistance, it should be wired in a bit more permanent.

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