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August 2004 we go, it's about to be crazy for a while. Matty Z. is in basically once a week for the next month or so. Next week is tracking and mixing with a new pop/rock group, Brookline Falls... I'm real excited about this one. Then Demi, a young rock band based in South Orange, come in. The following week is The Cheats from Pa. (produced by Sal of Electric Frankenstein). We'll be doing tracking for a full length release that I'll also mix over the next month or so. This will be followed by Downfall, a downtuned metal band from Central NJ. In between these projects pre-production starts for the last 4 songs of Kevin Kelly's project - Blu82. Then there's September...

Brookline Falls went real well, very cool stuff...look for some audio postings soon. I'm expecting a lot more people to know who these guys are someday (if there's a record exec left without his head in his ass). Demi tracked and mixed 5 songs for a future self release. Downfall were in for 5 songs as well. They're tuned down to A and loud as hell. We had a lot of fun and everyone was real happy with how it came out. The Cheats tracked a total of 17 songs that I'll be mixing over the next month or so.

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