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June 2004

This month started with another session at Harariville...a tracking session for a 13 piece gospel choir, Reunited For Christ, with M. Roze. Look for an audio sample of this soon on the "Sounds" page.

Ironhead (fka The Runarounds) are back from Norway where they were a big hit on national TV and radio. They'll be coming up from Virginia to track and mix the remaining four songs for their next record in July. Local punk youngsters - Biofeedback - will also be here in July and The Cheats (from Pa.) have booked in for August.

Lots and lots of drum tracks this weekend! Cut drums for 10 songs with M. Roze. Most were for the next full length from his band - The Subterraneans. Several more were for a project he's working on featuring ex-Pharoah members.

The Wrecking Dead, a psychobilly band originally from Denmark, have booked in for this 4th of July weekend. We're doing a 2-3 song demo and will hopefully get a decent budget to do the full length soon. Matty Z., a local singer/songwriter in the vain of Foo Fighters/Sublime/Weezer will start vocal tracks and mixing on 6 songs next week.

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