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May 2004

Worked on a couple of mellower projects these past couple weeks. Two local singer/songwriters, Nick Arroyo and Mike Ferraro. Did some nice piano tracks for Nick on the Steinway grand at Harariville (thanks M. Roze...) and some real nice acoustic guitar tracks for Mike here.

It'll get loud again this weekend though with Bitter Hearts coming in to track. Also making arrangements with Pa. based punk band The Cheats to come in this summer. Sal from EF will be producing that.

More gear...again! Looks like a beautiful Yamaha ebony black piano is the latest addition. If all pans out it should be here in a couple weeks. I'm also buying a few of Tony Visconti's old DBX compressors and a Lexicon reverb. Many a famous voice...and drums have passed thru these babies and I think there's still some magic in them. My thanks to Tony for selling them to me...

Bitter Hearts tracking and mixing is complete. It came out real good. Long Gone Day came back to lay basic tracks for 6 new songs...great stuff. We're doing overdubs, vocals and mixing soon. Also been doing a little pre production for Steve Miller's (Electric Frankenstein) next project with Cherry 13. I may be doing a track for Australian metal band - Devolved - in June. They had the number one metal record in Australia in 2002.

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