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April 2004

All At Random tracking and mixing is! 15 tracks in 2 1/2 long days. It was basically cut live with minimal overdubbing. Great, fun stuff. Last months Ironhead (fka The Runarounds) sessions are going to be released as a full length in Spain. This is in addition to the Germany release already scheduled for later this year. We'll be recording 3 more songs in late June or early July for the Spain record.

Also should be working with "Leo" again soon on a hip hop session in NYC. The Sophomore Effort's being mastered in Florida as I type and I should have some preview cuts posted on the Sounds page soon.

Added a few more pieces of gear...a vintage DBX compressor and expander and an 80's Ashly parametric EQ. Nice drum tracking stuff. Also added an ART tube limiting compressor...this was a recommendation from Mike Roze - producer/engineer who'd used Tony Visconti's (of David Bowie fame) on a previous session at Tony's home studio. They both loved it.

My next session is more Bitter Hearts tracking. This will include a new version of "12 Days" for release at Christmas time on a Volunteer Records comp. We're also doing 2 other songs that we hope to have released as they're first single by years end.

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