Find out why artists from
the Adolescents,  Antigone
Rising, A Great Big World,
Bad Religion, Circle Jerks,
Electric Frankenstein,
D-Generation, Danzig,
Monster Magnet,  Soulfly,
Yo La Tengo & many more
have worked with Kevin at
Homebrew Studio

(see Clients page for complete
listing & details)
Homebrew Studio
New Jersey, USA
NJ's Indie Recording, Mixing and Mastering Studio since 1997
Recent studio guests - Angels N Ministers (former members of Pharoah)
Other past projects included members of The Adolescents, Bad
Religion, Circle Jerks, DI & Social Distortion
Past projects included members of Yo La Tengo & Electric
Mike Roze, musician and Gold Record award winning
engineer/producer in the new room working on one of several
recent projects.
Do you record and mix
your own music but
can't get a good drum
sound?  Record your
drums in our room
and get the sound you
need. Or send us your
already recorded
drum tracks to have
them "souped up"...
easily and affordably
Have your tracks
already recorded but
cant get the mix just
right? We can
professionally mix your
home (or other)
recorded tracks at a
reasonable cost.